Webinar: Bundled Payments - Distinguishing Between Applicant Roles

When: Thursday, March 8th, 2012  |  2:00pm – 3:30pm ET


The purpose of this webinar is to ensure that all applicants to Models 2-4 of BPCI have a clear understanding of the three different roles an applicant must choose from when applying to this initiative. The applicant roles are linked to the applicant's partner types, as well as to how the applicant decides to partner with these Bundled Payment participating organizations. This applicant's role choice will subsequently determine which Medicare beneficiaries are included in the applicant's episodes of care.

As previously announced, the new online application submission process requires applicants to select one of these three roles prior to filling out the applications. The applicant's role determined the information CMS requests about the applicant and its Bundled Payment participating organizations. These roles are:

  • Risk Bearing Non-Convener Awardee
  • Risk Bearing Awardee Convener applying with episode-initiating Bundled Payment participating organizations; and
  • Non-Risk Bearing Facilitator Convener applying with Risk Bearing Designated Awardees/Awardee Conveners

The session will provide more detailed information about the different applicant roles in each model of BPCI and how these applicant roles affect when and how an episode is initiated, and define the Medicare beneficiaries who are included in the episode.

The 90 minute webinar is hosted by the Bundled Payments Program Team at the CMS Innovation Center. The last 30 minutes of the webinar will provide an opportunity to ask questions interactively over the phone in addition to live chat.

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