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Innovation is everywhere. Clinicians, health systems, community leaders, and other innovators throughout the country are developing new models of care and payment that provide better health and better healthcare at lower costs. The CMS Innovation Center is seeking your ideas on how care can be delivered and paid for in ways that will lower the total costs while improving the quality.

The kind of ideas we’re looking for. We look for ideas across the health care delivery continuum that achieve better care for patients, better health for our communities, and lower costs through improvement for our health care system. We’ll be asking you whether your idea is a (1) Service Delivery Model; (2) Payment / Reimbursement Model; (3) Technology / IT oriented; or (4) Other.

We are not able to respond to every idea submitted. Your comments will be used, along with others we have received through this portal, in conjunction with a variety of open forums and other vehicles to help improve and shape our work on an ongoing basis.

Submitting your ideas through this web portal does not constitute an application or contract for participation in any arrangement with or through the Innovation Center, or for funding of any activity.

Your ideas – once submitted – may be shared with others. Your idea may be utilized within CMS to develop requests for proposals, applications, studies, models to be tested, or for any other purpose. Further, the CMS Innovation Center may share publicly your submitted idea in summary format as an Abstract to foster dialogue and discussion. Your submission constitutes your consent for these uses.

If we use your comments or ideas in the development any requests for proposals, applications, studies, models to be tested, or for any other purpose, that fact does not guarantee that you will be selected to participate in any arrangement with or through CMS, nor will it merit any preference toward your application to participate, nor would it convey any royalties for use of your ideas.

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