State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Testing Project Profiles

State of Vermont

Geographic Reach: Vermont
Funding Amount:$45,009,480


Over the next 42 months, the State of Vermont will receive up to $45,009,480 to implement and test its State Health Care Innovation Plan.  Continued funding will be subject to state performance, compliance with the terms and conditions of award, and demonstrated progress towards the goals and objectives of the State Innovation Model initiative.

The state of Vermont proposes to develop a high performance health system that achieves full coordination and integration of care throughout a person’s lifespan, ensuring better health care, better health, and lower cost for all Vermonters. The Vermont model for health system transformation will: increase both organizational coordination and financial alignment between clinical specialists and Vermont’s Blueprint for Health advanced primary care practices; implement and evaluate value-based payment methodologies; coordinate with other payment reforms on developing a financing and delivery model for enhanced care management and new service options for Vermonters eligible for Medicare and Medicaid; and accelerate development of a learning health system infrastructure that will support delivery system redesign and state evaluation activities.

Vermont will achieve these goals through three models: a shared-savings ACO model that involves integration of payment and services across an entire delivery system; a bundled payment model that involve integration of payment and services across multiple independent providers; and a pay-for-performance model aimed at improving the quality, performance, and efficiency of individual providers. In addition to supporting implementation of the models described above, the award will fund the following enhancements in health system infrastructure: improved clinical and claims data transmission, integration, analytics, and modeling; expanded measurement of patient experience of care; improved capacity to measure and address health care workforce needs; health system learning activities essential to spreading models and best practices; and enhanced telemedicine and home monitoring capabilities.

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