State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Project Profiles

State of Texas

Geographic Reach: Texas
Funding Amount: $2,895,219


Over the next 6 months, the State of Texas will receive up to $2,895,219 to develop its State Health Care Innovation Plan.  Funding will be subject to successful completion of the terms and conditions for the State Innovation Model initiative.

Through the Designing the Texas Innovative Health Care Model project, Texas seeks to develop a common understanding and consensus among participants (payers, providers, and other stakeholders) around the design of innovative models as well as the elements needed to successfully implement such models.  Specific issues to be addressed are gaps in health information technology and information exchanges (HIT/HIEs), administrative, clinical and financial data sources and requirements, and performance measures needed to design and test alternative payment systems that incorporate quality-based outcomes.  Texas also will work towards aligning various initiatives taking place across the state to transform the delivery and payment of health care.   Texas plans to leverage the resources and activities of additional quality-improvement initiatives underway including: the Texas Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency established through recent legislation to support implementation and evaluation of innovative payment and delivery systems across payers; the formation of federally recognized accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other advanced quality-based entities around the state; and HIT infrastructure.

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