State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Project Profiles

State of New Hampshire

Geographic Reach: New Hampshire
Funding Amount: $1,605,378


Over the next 6 months, the state of New Hampshire will receive up to $1,605,378 to develop its State Health Care Innovation Plan.  Funding will be subject to successful completion of the terms and conditions for the State Innovation Model initiative.

New Hampshire’s plan will lay out a framework for aligning consumer access across delivery system “silos,” payer support for outcomes-based long term care services, and global accountability for cost-effectiveness and outcomes.  A central tenet of the transformation activities will target opportunities for improved coordination across systems for individuals who are either in need of or at-risk for needing long-term support services; this population will be targeted due to the complex health needs and the cross-cutting nature of the services and payments needed to coordinate their care. Through this process, New Hampshire will leverage ongoing activities in the development of the new system and align the ongoing state and national quality initiatives with the new system.

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