State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Project Profiles

State of Maryland

Geographic Reach: Maryland
Funding Amount: $2,371,299


Over the next 6 months, the State of Maryland will receive up to $2,371,299 to develop its State Health Care Innovation Plan.  Funding will be subject to successful completion of the terms and conditions for the State Innovation Model initiative.

Maryland seeks to create a model that both integrates patient-centered medical care with community-based resources through a statewide expansion of Community-Integrated Medical Homes (CIMH), and enhances the capacity of local health entities to monitor and improve population health through the use of new data tools and geographic information system (GIS) mapping capabilities. During the Model Design period, the state will engage both public and private payers to establish the governance structure for the CIMHs and set programmatic standards. Simultaneously, the state will facilitate the participation of local health improvement coalitions to refine the tools and resources necessary to rapidly implement the new model.

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