State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Project Profiles

State of Iowa

Geographic Reach: Iowa
Funding Amount: $1,350,711


Over the next 6 months, the State of Iowa will receive up to $1,350,711 to develop its State Health Care Innovation Plan.  Funding will be subject to successful completion of the terms and conditions for the State Innovation Model initiative.

Iowa seeks to develop a transformative health care plan by addressing mechanisms to implement integrated care delivery models, developing strategies for payment alignment among Iowa’s key health care payers, and establishing incentives to move towards value-based purchasing and unified quality outcomes. Specific activities will include expansion of the multi-payer ACO methodology to address integration of long term care and behavioral health services; designing strategies that encourage personal health and well-being; and assuring an adequate workforce. The goal of Iowa’s model will be to hold total health care cost growth to less than two percent, and reduce total cost of care for those participating in integrated models.

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