State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Project Profiles

State of California

Geographic Reach: California
Funding Amount: $2,667,693


Over the next 6 months, the State of California will receive up to $2,667,693 to develop their State Health Care Innovation Plan. Funding will be subject to successful completion of the terms and conditions for the State Innovation Model initiative.

California intends to utilize existing state and national initiatives including capitated payment models, accountable care organizations, bundled episode payments, the Coordinated Care Initiative for dual-eligible Medi-Cal and Medicare beneficiaries, and the state’s Section 1115 Medi-Cal Bridge to Health Care Reform Waiver to inform their model design. California’s design process will involve a broad range of advocacy groups that will address its diverse and geographically spread population in order to develop a model that reflects California’s complex health care and financing environment.

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