Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Shared decision making for preference-sensitive surgery"
Geographic Reach: Ohio
Funding Amount: $6,767,008
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $20,349,081


Welvie, LLC, is teaming with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio to enable patients to make better-informed decisions about preference-sensitive surgery. A significant amount of elective surgery occurs because patients do not fully understand their treatment options, resulting in avoidable patient harm, patient dissatisfaction with care, and higher costs. Through surgery decision-making support, both online and offline, Welvie's approach enhances consumer experiences in relation to preference-sensitive surgeries, increases surgery literacy, improves surgical outcomes,  and reduces the incidence of surgeries where known risks outweigh potential benefits. The program serves traditional Medicare beneficiaries, as well as certain Medicare Advantage PPO enrollees in Ohio. Over a three-year period, Welvie's program will train an estimated 11 workers and will create an estimated 14.82 jobs. The new workforce includes a project director, a medical director, nurse care managers, an implementation specialist, a technology specialist, a reporting analyst, an analytics and provider development team leader, a communication specialist, a training and peer counseling development team leader, a quality assurance and compliance specialist, a finance manager  and customer service representatives.

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