Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Using recovery peer navigators and incentives to improve substance abuse Medicaid client outcomes and costs"
Geographic Reach: Massachusetts
Funding Amount: $2,760,737
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $7,841,498


ValueOptions, Inc., with its subsidiary, Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership, received an award to test care coordination to reduce repeated utilization of detox services among beneficiaries who have 2 or more detox admissions.With Brandeis University as a research partner, the project uses patient navigators, recovery planning,and behavioral interventions to support member recovery. Four providers will implement the interventions, serving northeastern Massachusetts, southeastern Massachusetts, greater Boston, and the central portion of the state. By linking beneficiaries with appropriate treatment and recovery services, the model will improve their health outcomes, reducing costs by avoiding preventable emergency room visits, hospitalizations and detox readmissions.

Over a three-year period, ValueOptions, Inc.'s program will train an estimated 75 workers and will create an estimated 75 jobs. The new workers will include patient navigators and support staff.

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