Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Living Rite-A Disruptive Solution for Management of Chronic Care Disease (a focus on adults with disabilities: intellectual and developmental diagnoses and dementia patients with 2 or more chronic conditions)"
Geographic Reach: Rhode Island
Funding Amount: $13,955,411
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $15,526,726


The University of Rhode Island's Living Rite Innovations project is delivering holistic coordinated care through the project's two Living Rite Centers. The Centers, with their three part goal of (1) Health care: designed to improve care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and /or Alzheimer's disease and are dual eligible beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid. The Centers provide comprehensive chronic care management in order to coordinate services between multiple community providers, improve health and decrease unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits. The Centers' interdisciplinary team includes physicians, nurse-practitioners, RNs, pharmacists, OTs, PTs, and dieticians. (2) Well-being: Through the Centers' healthy behavior change models, clients are being trained how to best manage their chronic diseases.(3) Employment: Using the Employment First philosophy, the Centers provide career development, benefits planning and job placement services  to assist clients in attaining jobs. Furthermore, Living Rite project plans to help people with disabilities outside the centers to become employed. Lastly, the creation of the URI-Intra-Professional Health Education Center will certify various health professional students as qualified interdisciplinary team members.

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