Health Care Innovation Awards: The Methodist Hospital Research Institute SERRI Project Profile


Project Title: "Sepsis Early Recognition and Response Initiative (SERRI)"
Geographic Reach: Texas
Funding Amount: $14,365,591
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $48,226,102


The Methodist Hospital, in partnership with the Texas Gulf Coast Sepsis Network, received an award to identify and treat sepsis before it progresses. Their program targets adult inpatients, including but not limited to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in acute care hospitals, long term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in Houston, Bryan, and McAllen, Texas. Sepsis is the sixth most common reason for hospitalization and typically requires double the average length of stay. It complicates 4 out of 100 general surgery cases, has a 30 day mortality rate of 1 in 20, and leads to complications such as renal failure and cognitive decline. Through improved training, evidence-based and systematic screening for sepsis, and more timely treatment, Methodist Hospital and its partners will prevent progression of the disease, resulting in reduced organ failure rates, reduced mortality, reduced length of stay, improved patient outcomes, and lower cost. Over a three-year period, The Methodist Hospital's program will train an estimated 3,000 bedside nurses in sepsis screening and early recognition of the often subtle signs and symptoms of early sepsis. Additionally, an estimated 200 second level responders will be trained in screening, recognition and early goal directed therapy for sepsis.

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