Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Prosser Washington Community Paramedics Program"
Geographic Reach: Washington
Funding Amount: $1,470,017
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $1,855,400


Prosser Public Hospital District of Benton County, serving a large, rural area in Washington State, received an award for a program through which physicians can send a community paramedic (CP) to visit patients of concern. The CPs provide reinforcement of discharge instructions, disease process education, post-abdominal surgery follow-up, medication clarification and social service referrals. The area has high rates of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart attacks/coronary disease, and angina/stroke. Emergency room visits and readmissions are high and preventive care is limited, with poor follow-up care for chronic illnesses and frequent missed appointments. By expanding the role of the emergency medical services, CPs are increasing access to primary and preventive care, providing wellness interventions, decreasing emergency room utilization, and improving outcomes. Over a three-year period, Prosser Public Hospital District's program will train an estimated 10 community paramedic workers.

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