Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Integrating industrial and system engineering (ISE) methods into healthcare improvement"
Geographic Reach: Massachusetts, North Carolina, Washington
Funding Amount: $8,000,002
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $60,780,907


The Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute at Northeastern University received an award to conduct a National Demonstration Project of the value that the systems engineering methods used in other complex industries can also be used to reduce healthcare costs, improve quality and safety, reduce waits and delays, and improve clinical outcomes and overall population health. Under this award, Northeastern will create a model regional healthcare systems engineering extension center that partners with several local healthcare systems, applies systems engineering methods to targeted common problems to significantly impact the goals of better outcomes, better health, and at lower costs, and develops an implementation plan for national spread. This award funds the first phase of a larger scale 10-year project to establish a national network of similar healthcare systems engineering regional extension centers across the U.S. that develop and embed regional industrial and systems engineering improvement science academic departments and other resources into their local healthcare systems, saving billions annually while training a targeted future workforce of 15,000 healthcare systems engineers.

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