Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Wyoming: a frontier state's strategic partnership for transforming care delivery"
Geographic Reach: Wyoming
Funding Amount: $14,246,153
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $33,227,238


The Wyoming Institute of Population Health, a Division of the Memorial Hospital of Laramie County (d/b/a Cheyenne Regional Medical Center), has assembled five strategic partners to deploy population health strategies in communities across Wyoming, creating medical neighborhoods to transform rural care delivery. Focus is placed on patients, wellness, and evidence-based chronic care delivery. Twenty-eight transforming PCMHs function as the core of the medical neighborhoods facilitating care coordination, developing inter-professional care teams, developing individualized care plans for complex patients, and maintaining connections with community-based services for referral and follow-up. Pharmacists, linked virtually by telehealth to the PCMHs, assist in medication therapy management and patient education. Patients hospitalized for serious illness or injury have a particular need for continuity between sites of care and transitions are facilitated by registered nurses specially trained in rural care transitions. Wyoming's innovative Medication Donation Program has been expanded statewide to link the un/under-insured to prescription assistance. Telemedicine is utilized to facilitate physician desktop solutions, improving access to specialists, enhancing coordination between sites of care, and supporting clinical decision making. Payers/Purchasers, including the state Medicaid program, are partnering to play key roles in providing incentives for care coordination and sustainability. Over 30 jobs have been created through this effort. For more information, visit

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