Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "MedExpert International: Quality Medical Management System (QMMS)"
Geographic Reach: California, Idaho, Texas, Washington
Funding Amount: $9,332,545
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $50,410,304


MedExpert International received an award to test its Quality Medical Management System (QMMS) in comparison to a control group. QMMS is a shared decision-making system that provides consumers with access to world-expert physician advice, educational materials, and assistance with interpreting benefits and treatment options using Medical Information Coordinators and staff Physicians. QMMS will be available in selected geographic markets across the country to serve approximately 180,000 Medicare beneficiaries. The goal is to improve quality of care, reduce costs, increase transparency, achieve high utilization and satisfaction, and demonstrate model viability. Over a three-year period, MedExpert International will train and hire approximately 38 health care workers, including medical information coordinators, a medical information coordinator supervisor, a project manager, a senior executive manager, information technology and data engineers, senior engineers, and physicians.

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