Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Brooklyn Care Coordination Consortium"
Geographic Reach: New York
Funding Amount: $14,842,826
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $41,759,040


Maimonides Medical Center of Brooklyn, New York, is pioneering improvements in care for adults with serious mental illness who live in southwest Brooklyn. In partnership with a broad array of medical, mental health, and social service organizations, insurers, and a labor union, Maimonides is: 1) providing enrolled patients with a core multi-disciplinary care team; 2) enabling medical and mental health providers to communicate with each other and monitor patients through advanced health information technology tools; 3) training a workforce of care managers and care navigators; 4) implementing uniform care standards; and 5) enhancing coordination of care through use of a web-based, electronic care plan. Maimonides expects this approach to reduce psychiatric and medical hospital admissions and reduce the total cost of care for the population, while creating approximately 50 new jobs, focused primarily in care management roles. At the same time, Maimonides is working to transition the reimbursement model for this population from "fee for service" to an integrated "total cost of care" through new, innovative financial arrangements with payers that build sustainability of the program beyond the three-year period of the Innovation Award.

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