Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Disruptive Innovation @ Intermountain Healthcare"
Geographic Reach: Idaho, Utah
Funding Amount: $9,724,142
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $67,120,215


Intermountain Health Care, with 22 hospitals and 185 clinics in Utah and Southern Idaho, received an award to test a new care delivery and payment model using an information technology-based simulation of human physiology, clinical events, and health care systems to forecast which interventions will be most effective in reducing a person's risk, provide risk stratification metrics for individual patients, and project benefits for specific interventions. Their system will incorporate tracking of depression and its effects on risks and outcomes, and will be used to support population management interventions, and paired with a shared savings methodology, possibly with a mechanism for sharing downside risk through a "pre-funded withhold" concept. Over a three-year period, Intermountain will train and hire 12 workers for health information technology-related jobs, including research assistants, data analysts, data warehouse analysts, decision-support analysts, and positions as data architect, management engineer, and project coordinator.

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