Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP)"
Geographic Reach: California
Funding Amount: $4,703,817
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $4,235,801


Family Service Agency of San Francisco expanded its Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP) to two low-income, largely Latino counties in Central and Northern California, San Joaquin (Stockton) and Monterey (Salinas). Schizophrenia is estimated to account for 2.5 to 3 percent of United States health care expenditures. Without an intervention like PREP, as many as 90 percent of the patients served would be Supplemental Security Income/Medicare recipients (up from 30 percent now) by the time they reached their 30s. Through evidence-based treatments, medication management, and care management, PREP aims to prevent the onset of full psychosis, and in cases in which full psychosis has already occurred, seeks to fully remit the disease and rehabilitate the cognitive functions it has damaged. Family Service Agency of San Francisco has trained over 20 health care providers to use their PREP intervention, while creating 19 jobs for social workers, Nurse Practitioners, vocational counselors, and peer and family aides.

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