Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: "Comprehensive community-based approach to reducing inappropriate imaging"
Geographic Reach: Michigan
Funding Amount: $8,366,178
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $33,237,555


Altarum Institute, in partnership with United Physicians (IPA) and Detroit Medical Center Physician Hospital Organization, received an award to reduce unnecessary imaging studies for beneficiaries in Southeastern Michigan. This multifaceted intervention will establish a data-exchange system between primary care and imaging facilities to increase evidence-based decision-making among physicians ordering MRIs and CTs in the lumbar-spine, cervical-spine, lower extremities, shoulder, head, chest, and abdomen. The goal is to reduce CT volume by 17.4 percent and MRI volume by 13.4 percent over three years, resulting in a 17 percent reduction in imaging costs without any loss in diagnostic accuracy or restrictions on the ordering of tests. Over a three-year period, Altarum Institute will train a network of area care providers in the use of the program's systems and technology, while creating an estimated 23 jobs for practice consultants, health information analysts, lean practice redesign specialists, and health education specialists.

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