Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "VillageCare's Treatment Adherence through the Advanced Use of Technology (TAAUT)"
Geographic Reach: New York
Estimated Funding Amount: $8,781,296


The Village Center for Care project will implement "Treatment Adherence through the Advanced Use of Technology (TAAUT)." This project aims to increase patient activation for people living with HIV/AIDS by increasing access to professional and peer support for health behavior change and compliance. The program expects to improve adherence by providing timely, tailored interventions through virtual visits, social media, text messaging. Professional Care Adherence Managers will work with patients to create goals and recommend interventions from the advanced technology available. In addition, peers will be leveraged to provide one-on-one encouragement and advice, while the private social network will serve as a platform for both clinician and patient access. Customized, timely healthcare information and messages will be sent to patients through the portal and in turn, clients can provide timely information to their CAMs.

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