Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "Evidence-Conformant Oncology Care"
Geographic Reach: Ohio
Estimated Funding Amount: $4,675,384


The University Hospitals Case Medical Center project will test a model to improve care for patients with complex cancer, including patients with late-stage disease, significant comorbidities, or demonstrated need for high health care utilization. The model will test an intervention that includes (1) early palliative care consultation, including a psycho-social and symptom-based quality of life assessment, (2) development and delivery of clear therapeutic and supportive plans of care to improve the communication among all the parties in the patient's care, (3) improved education and engagement of the patient and his/her family or caregiver, and (4) patient assignment to a quality navigator, who would follow the patient throughout his/her course of active disease treatment. In this model, the navigator will maintain a dialogue with the patient and the patient's entire medical care team to promote adherence to the patient's personal plan of care.

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