Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "San Diego: A Health Attack and Stroke Free Zone - HSF - Z"
Geographic Reach: California
Estimated Funding Amount: $5,820,416


The Regents of the University of California San Diego project will test implementation of the Health Attack and Stroke-Free Zone (HSF-Z) program, which aims to impact population health through four related, regional areas of work: (1) activate high risk patients by increasing awareness of risk factors, increasing understanding of their disease state, and increasing commitment to their physician's recommendations through the Be There campaign, (2) promote evidence based practices for heart attack and stroke prevention in the physician community through peer education and sharing best practices, (3) test novel, cost-effective technology solutions to enhance adherence to care plans, patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction, and health outcomes, and (4) implement the HSF-Z intervention for treatment of cardiovascular risk factors for 4,000 patients. The HSF-Z model is based on the premise that significant reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol levels is possible using evidence based practices and achieving patient adherence. The model targets both patients and primary care clinical teams and will also explore the use of emerging wireless and other technologies to monitor patient progress and compliance.

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