Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "Remote Interventions Improving Specialty Complex Care (RIISCC)"
Geographic Reach: Nebraska
Estimated Funding Amount: $9,993,626


The Nebraska Medical Center is receiving an award to test the Remote Interventions Improving Specialty Complex Care(RIISCC) model, which aims to employ remote patient monitoring for 90 days post-discharge by utilizing telehealth consultations for participants at one of two community health centers located within the target geographic areas. Participants will receive telehealth equipment as well as an orientation to the program which includes 90 day remote monitoring, weekly calls from remote monitoring coaches to discuss critical values and provide education and coaching, a retinal eye imaging scan and follow up consults with an ophthalmologist if needed, a nutritional consult with a registered dietician, and gift card incentives to encourage participation and retention. The target population resides in medically underserved areas and often experience barriers in access to health care.

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