Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "Bronx Behavioral Health Integration Project (BHIP): Across the Lifespan in Urban Safety Net Primary Care Settings"
Geographic Reach: New York
Estimated Funding Amount: $5,583,091


The Montefiore Medical Center project will test implementation of the Bronx Behavioral Health Integration Project (B-HIP), which aims to improve the health of Bronx residents through two interrelated mechanisms, first by engaging patients with serious behavioral health needs and secondly by screening for, identifying and addressing behavioral health co-morbidities in a Collaborative Care Management (CCM) model. The target population includes Medicare, Medicaid beneficiaries and persons eligible for both programs. As part of routine primary care, patients of all ages will be screened for behavioral health conditions using validated instruments. Those with behavioral health needs will be managed by an CCM team of a primary care physician, psychiatrist, social worker or psychologist and care manager that supports the primary care team by providing screening, assessments, treatment and follow-up care with measurement-based tracking, stepped care algorithms and self-management and behavioral action techniques.

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