Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "Bundled Payment for Mobile Acute Care Team Services"
Geographic Reach: New York
Estimated Funding Amount: $9,619,517


The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai project will test Mobile Acute Care Team (MACT) Services, which will utilize the expertise of multiple providers and services already in existence in most parts of the United States but will transform their roles to address acute care needs in an outpatient setting. MACT is based on the hospital-at-home model, which has proven successful in a variety of settings. MACT will treat patients requiring hospital admission for selected conditions at home. The core MACT team will involve physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social work, community paramedics, care coaches, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, and home health aides. The core MACT team will provide essential ancillary services such as community-based radiology, lab services (including point of care testing), nursing services, durable medical equipment, pharmacy and infusion services, telemedicine, and interdisciplinary post-acute care services for 30 days after admission. After 30 days, the team will ensure a safe transition back to community providers and provide referrals to appropriate services.

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