Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "PREVENTION AT HOME: A Model for Novel use of Mobile Technologies and Integrated Care Systems to Improve HIV Prevention and Care While Lowering Cost"
Geographic Reach: Washington D.C.
Estimated Funding Amount: $23,808,617


The George Washington University project will test a model that will utilize mobile technologies and optimize the prevention and care continuum (early detection, treatment adherence, retention in care, viral load suppression, decreased hospitalizations) for HIV+ individuals. The project will bring together a consortium of stakeholders including community outreach organizations, clinical care systems, a hospital, a managed care organization, the DC Department of Health, and DC Medicaid to share integrated IT systems. Together these systems will provide Medicaid members with the ability to receive online education, the option of ordering home testing and home specimen collection for sexually transmitted infections and HIV, receive sexually transmitted infection and viral load test results, receive e-prescriptions and support linking and relinking to care. Additionally, the systems will provide community health workers (CHW) with a mobile tool to collect recruitment data, to guide counseling, testing and linkage services, and will provide CHW with a list of active patients to provide care coordination who have detectable viral load, missed clinic visits, missed medication refills, emergency room visits or hospitalizations. Finally, the system will allow CHW and /or patients to generate a care plan that will be integrated into the primary care provider's electronic health record, to facilitate continuity of care.

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