Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "New Haven WrapAround"
Geographic Reach: Connecticut
Estimated Funding Amount: $9,739,427


The Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic, Inc. project will deliver evidence-based, culturally-appropriate integrated medical, behavioral health, and community-based services coordinated by a multidisciplinary Wraparound Team. Services include: 1) family engagement, recruitment, and education provided by trained community health workers in community-based settings; 2) multidisciplinary triage, screening, and assessment conducted by the Wraparound Team and including assessments of each family's physical, behavioral, and psychosocial risks, needs, and strengths; 3) family-focused care plans developed with the family, family supports, and the Wraparound Team and used to guide care and interventions; 4) care coordination provided by a Wraparound Team and focused on coordinating the provision of appropriate care across multiple care settings, managing care transitions, reconciling and managing medications, and coordinating access to crisis support and wellness and social support services; and 5) wellness and social support services provided at the hubs and at community-based organizations to address chronic and toxic stress (e.g., smoking cessation, parenting courses, diabetes prevention, meditation). The model focuses on high-need families, addresses medical and behavioral health care needs, integrates services across multiple health care institutions, and addresses the "chronic and toxic stress" experienced by the target population families. This project integrates care for families and integrates care delivery across multiple health care and community-based institutions, which will reduce the fragmentation that currently puts families at risk for poor care, poor outcomes, and excessive costs.

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