Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "Community Care Response Initiative"

Geographic Reach: Arizona
Estimated Funding Amount: $12,515,727


The City of Mesa Fire and Medical Department is receiving an award to test a model that offers new comprehensive delivery systems and addresses the impact of chronic disease, falls prevention, self-management skills, and medication adherence. The model aims to reduce high-risk patient returns post-discharge and the treat and referral of low-acuity patients from the use of the 911 systems and the emergency department. The program provides low acuity patients with on-site evaluation and treatment; and/or refers patients to more appropriate services, which reduce duplication efforts between emergency rooms and private physician providers. High-risk patients will receive follow up evaluations after discharge to reduce the incidence of readmission. Disease preventative services will be provided including immunizations, falls prevention, home safety inspection, and the safe use of prescribed medications. The Community Care Response Initiative will consist of four units operating 24 hours per day 365 days per year throughout the Mesa area. A physician extender unit is a modified ambulance that takes the team to perform low acuity services or post discharge hospital follow-up. The services provided by this unit are similar to services provided by an urgent care: in depth patient evaluations, behavioral health evaluations, suturing, minor trauma evaluations, cardiac diagnostic capabilities, pain management, prescription services, immunizations, health education, referral services, primary care consultations, sepsis evaluations, post discharge follow ups, and minor diagnostic testing.

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