Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "SMARTCare"
Geographic Reach: Florida, Wisconsin
Estimated Funding Amount: $15,871,245


The American College of Cardiology Foundation project will test the implementation of SMARTCare, which is a combination of clinical decision support, shared decision-making, patient engagement, and provider feedback tools designed to improve care for patients with stable ischemic heart disease. SMARTCare aims to achieve the following goals: 1) a reduction of imaging procedures not meeting appropriate use criteria, 2) a reduction in the percentage of percutaneous coronary interventions not meeting appropriate use criteria while achieving high levels of patient engagement and lower rates of complications, and 3) an increase in the percentage of stable ischemic heart disease patients with optimal risk factor modification. While many of these solutions have been studied and proven effective in isolation, this project will test them in combination.  The model will be tested at five sites in Wisconsin and five sites in Florida.

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