Private, For-Profit Demo Project for the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE): Archived

Demonstration Type: Solicitation Period Closed/Ongoing Demonstrations

Year: 2007

Congress authorized a study to compare the costs, quality, and access to services provided by for-profit entities to those of nonprofit PACE providers. The solicitation closed in July 2010. Five providers are participating in the demonstration: 1. Pennsylvania PACE Inc.; 2. Life at Home. LLC; 3. SeniorLIFE York, Inc.; 4. SeniorLIFE Washington, Inc.; and 5. SeniorLIFE Altoona, Inc. Of the participating providers, the first two began operations in 2007 and were granted extensions of up to three additional years until December 2013. The final three providers began operations in May 2011 and will continue until December 2014. Currently enrollment in the demonstration is approximately 525 members. Two applications are presently under review, SeniorLIFE Harrisburg, Inc. and SeniorLIFE Greensburg, Inc. All providers are located in Pennsylvania.



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