Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: New Mexico

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Project Title: "Access to Critical Cerebral Emergency Support Services (ACCESS)"
Geographic Reach: New Mexico
Estimated Funding Amount: $15,120,767

Summary: The University of New Mexico Health Science Center project will test expansion of the existing tele-health infrastructure (11 hospitals) to form a statewide 30 hospital telehealth system (THS). In conjunction with Net Medical Xpress Solutions , the model test will provide remote emergency neurological consultation using inexpensive audiovisual equipment and software. The goal of this model is to prevent unnecessary transport to tertiary care hospitals when non-operative care is appropriate.  The Implementation of THS aims to improve the access to emergency neurological care statewide. Around the clock triage by on call ACCESS staff will allow rural emergency departments to improve timeliness of emergency care, decrease avoidable inpatient admissions, and prevent unnecessary transfers.

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