Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Georgia

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Project Title: "Coaching and Comprehensive Health Supports (COACHES) Program"
Geographic Reach: Georgia
Estimated Funding Amount: $5,834,485

Summary: The Amerigroup project will test an intervention designed to improve outcomes for transitional young adults ages 17 to 20, who are transitioning out of foster care and who will receive health care coverage until the age of 26 for the first time under the ACA. The program will establish one-on-one coaches, and a support team, who will partner with transitional young adults over the life of the grant period to improve healthy behaviors. The coaches and support team will coordinate with the state's sole Care Management Organization and the case management in the child welfare system provided through Georgia's Division of Family and Children Services. The coach and support team will be a one-stop resource, in which all of the health and social services needed by the youth are pooled and coordinated and through which the members are connected to the scope of services they need. Aims of the program include reductions in hospitalizations through better management of behavioral health conditions, increases in access to primary care physicians, as well as improvement in pregnancy-related outcomes, employment, and education attainment.

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