BPCI Advanced: Applicant Resources

Application Period for Model Year 3

The application period for the second cohort is currently open and will close on June 24, 2019. At this time, CMS is not planning any additional application opportunities for the Model.

Request for Applications

The Request for Applications (RFA) for BPCI Advanced Model Year 3 (MY3) was released on April 24, 2019 and it outlines the different elements of the Model in detail and explains how the applications will be reviewed. CMS encourages all Applicants to review the RFA MY3 and the Application Template MY3 offline before login into the Application Portal.

How To Apply

CMS will only accept applications via the BPCI Advanced Application Portal / https://app1.innovation.cms.gov/bpciadvancedapp.

The BPCI Advanced Application Portal is an online platform that allows Applicants to:

  • Apply to the BPCI Advanced model
  • Edit or Delete In-Progress Applications
  • Clone Submitted Applications
  • View and Download Submitted Applications and Data Request and Attestation (DRA) forms.

How to Contact the BPCI Advanced Team

If you have questions regarding the Model, you can contact the BPCI Advanced team by emailing BPCIAdvanced@cms.hhs.gov.

Additional Applicant Information

New Applicants

Active Participants

General Information for Model Year 3 (2020)

Participant Resources

Please visit the Participant Resources web page for additional materials geared towards organizations actively participating in the Model.

General Information

Please visit the Additional Resources section on the General Information page for additional materials about the Model.


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