State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Awards Round One

Sixteen states received Model Design awards under the first round of the State Innovation Models initiative. CMS awarded up to $30 million through Model Design cooperative agreements. States interested in developing transformative payment and delivery reforms were invited to apply for Model Design awards. States created a Health Care Innovation Plan that inform their applications for a Model Test Award or another Model Design Award under the second round of this initiative and support statewide transformation efforts.

Round One Model Design Awardees

State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Awards map.

Sixteen states received Round One Model Design Awards. (List)

The Round One Model Design award recipients engaged a diverse group of stakeholders, including public and commercial payers, providers, and consumers, to develop a State Health Care Innovation Plan. The funding amounts are listed below:

California $2,667,693
Connecticut $2,852,335
Delaware $2,485,118
Hawaii $937,691
Idaho $3,000,000
Illinois $1,350,711
Maryland $2,371,299
Michigan $1,653,705
New Hampshire $1,605,378
Ohio $3,000,000
Pennsylvania $1,560,135
Rhode Island $1,631,042
Tennessee $756,000
Texas $2,895,219
Utah $942,458

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