Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profile


Project Title: “UCLA Alzheimer’s and dementia care: comprehensive, coordinated, patient-centered”
Geographic Reach: California
Funding Amount: $3,208,540
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $6,900,000


The UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care is a coordinated, comprehensive, patient and family-centered program with the aims of achieving better health, better care and lower cost of care for patients with dementia. The program has five key components: 1. patient recruitment and a dementia registry; 2. structured needs assessments of patients and their caregivers; 3. creation and implementation of individualized dementia care plans; 4. monitoring and revising care plans as needed; and 5. providing access 24/7, 365 days a year for assistance and advice. The program’s geographic focus is the Western area of Los Angeles County where we have established partnerships with five community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve dementia patients. Three geriatric nurse practitioners have been hired as Dementia Care Managers who perform patient needs assessments and monitoring, formulating and revising care plans with input from the program’s medical director and in partnership with the referring physician.

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