Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two: Project Profile


Project Title: "Healthy Transitions in Late Stage Kidney Disease"
Geographic Reach: New York
Estimated Funding Amount: $2,453,742


The North Shore-LIJ Health System, Inc. project will implement the Healthy Transitions (HT) Program, which aims to improve late stage chronic kidney disease costs and outcomes. The model is based on a successful pilot and aims to integrate and coordinate aspects of chronic kidney disease care. The primary interventions center on improving patient education and preparation for renal replacement treatment, increasing home dialysis and preemptive transplantation, home safety, dietary counseling, depression screening, advanced directive counseling, detecting medication errors, identifying hospitalization risk and intervening to reduce risk. Nurse care managers will work in close collaboration with treating nephrologists. The HT chronic kidney disease informatics system creates a daily report with alerts that drives key care processes.

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