Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health Outcomes Challenge

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There was overwhelming interest in the CMS Artificial Intelligence Health Outcomes Challenge and more than 300 launch stage applications were submitted! To allow enough time for a thorough and fair review of all applications, the judging period for the launch stage is being extended and announcement of Stage 1 participants will be made in October 2019.

  • Stage 1 participants announced: October 2019 (new date), August 2, 2019 (former date)
  • LDS requests submitted: October 2019 (new date), August 9, 2019 (former date)
  • Stage 1 project packages due: February 2020 (new date), December 12, 2019 (former date)
  • Stage 2 finalists announced: April 2020 (new date), December 27, 2019 (former date)
  • Updated LDS requests submitted: April 2020 (new date), January 3, 2020 (former date)
  • Stage 2 project packages due: July 2020 (new date), April 9, 2020 (former date)
  • Awardees announced: September 2020 (new date), May 4, 2020 (former date)

The CMS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health Outcomes Challenge is an opportunity for innovators to demonstrate how AI tools – such as deep learning and neural networks – can be used to predict unplanned hospital and skilled nursing facility admissions and adverse events.

Partnering with the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge will engage with innovators from all sectors – not just from healthcare – to harness AI solutions to predict health outcomes for potential use in CMS Innovation Center innovative payment and service delivery models.

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Prizes (subject to change)

Total prizes up to $1.65 million

  • 7 finalists progress to Stage 2 and receive awards of $60,000
  • 1 grand prize winner will receive $1 million and the runner-up will receive $230,000

Challenge Objectives

  1. Use AI/deep learning methodologies to predict unplanned hospital and SNF admissions and adverse events within 30 days for Medicare beneficiaries, based on a data set of Medicare administrative claims data, including Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (professional services).
  2. Develop innovative strategies and methodologies to: explain the AI-derived predictions to front-line clinicians and patients to aid in providing appropriate clinical resources to model participants; and increase use of AI-enhanced data feedback for quality improvement activities among model participants.


Launch Stage:

  • Opens on March 27, 2019, to the general public. Entrants will complete an online application and submit a brief slide deck providing information about the participants and their proposed solution.
  • The Launch Stage has now closed. CMS anticipates to announce participants that will move on to Stage 1 in October 2019

Stage 1 and 2: we will announce more information about stages 1 and 2 at a later date

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