Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profiles

The CMS Innovation Center announced the first batch of awardees for the Health Care Innovation Awards on May 8, 2012 and the second (final) batch on June 15, 2012. These organizations implemented projects that aimed to deliver better health, improved care, and lower costs to people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), particularly those with the highest health care needs. Funding for these projects is for three years.

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US Health Care Innovation Awards Map Alabama: 3 Projects Alaska: 1 Project Arizona: 2 Projects Arkansas: 4 Projects California: 18 Projects Colorado: 7 Projects Connecticut: 3 Projects Connecticut: 3 Projects Delaware: 5 Projects Delaware: 5 Projects District of Columbia: 4 Projects Florida: 7 Projects Georgia: 4 Projects Hawaii: 4 Projects Idaho: 4 Projects Illinois: 5 Projects Indiana: 4 Projects Iowa: 3 Projects Kansas: 2 Projects Kentucky: 3 Projects Louisiana: 1 Projects Maine: 2 Projects Maryland: 8 Projects Massachusetts: 11 Projects Michigan: 7 Projects Minnesota: 6 Projects Mississippi: 4 Projects Missouri: 3 Projects Montana: 2 Projects Nebraska: 2 Projects Nevada: 1 Projects New Hampshire: 3 Projects New Jersey: 6 Projects New Mexico: 5 Projects New York: 13 Projects North Carolina: 6 Projects North Dakota: 3 Projects Ohio: 6 Projects Oklahoma: 2 Projects Oregon: 4 Projects Pennsylvania: 8 Projects Puerto Rico: 1 Project Rhode Island: 3 Projects Rhode Island: 3 Projects South Carolina: 2 Projects South Dakota: 3 Projects Tennessee: 5 Projects Texas: 12 Projects Utah: 2 Projects Vermont: 2 Projects Virginia: 3 Projects Washington: 8 Projects West Virginia: 4 Projects Wisconsin: 4 Projects Wyoming: 2 Projects

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Notes and Disclaimers:

  • Many projects operated in more than one state (see the Geographic Reach)
  • Descriptions and project data (e.g. gross savings estimates, population served, etc.) are 3 year estimates provided by each organization and are based on budget submissions required by the Health Care Innovation Awards application process.
  • While all projects were expected to produce cost savings beyond the 3 year grant award, some may not achieve net cost savings until after the initial 3-year period due to start-up-costs, change in care patterns and intervention effect on health status.

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